About Me

Who I Am

I’m just a nerdy girl who loves reading health science research. No really, I get super excited about it! I’m passionate about all the ways that physical health can help prevent or manage anxiety and depression. I want to get to the bottom of what causes anxiety and depression, and zero in on lifestyle strategies that support mental health.

My master’s training in research psychology gave me a foundation for understanding mental health research. My experience working in a neuroscience lab gave me a profound appreciation for how brain health is key to supporting mental health; especially how things like stress and nutrition can change brain cells in ways that influence behavior.

What I Write

Anxiety and depression are like onions. No, more like a lasagna or baklava. There are a lot of layers to them, and they’re multi-faceted. There are many factors that can lead to anxiety and depression. I focus on how specific healthy choices can shape a person’s mental health.

Health behaviors don’t erase all your problems. They don’t magically make you not depressed, or not anxious. But they could drastically improve your mental wellness. They’re not all powerful, but they are pretty powerful!

Here are some topics that I cover:











Brain Health

Mental Health and Chronic Illness

Women’s Health

Gut Health

Healthy Aging

Why I Write

Why did I decide to take this nerd show on tour (or more accurately, online)? It’s because everything I learned gave me hope for better mental health for myself, and for the people in my life. Then I started thinking about how all this wonderful research isn’t widely accessible to the general public. While you may have heard that a healthy lifestyle is good for your mental health, it may not be clear just how that works and why things like stress, inflammation, and nutrition can be a game changer.